Thursday, March 25, 2010

Engaging in floor bugle

So, I thought I would start out by making the title of this post in Japanese, saying "first post". I went to Babelfish and typed that in, and then clicked translate to Japanese. I received a Japanese phrase, but it was in Kanji so I couldn't read it. Thus, I plugged that phrase in and asked it to translate to English just to be sure it was okay. The result? "Engaging in floor bugle".

I hope our trip isn't all like that.

So Jorie and I are going to Japan with NMU art history teacher Mits Oba and 8 other NMU students. We're going to study Japanese visual culture. We're very excited, and just yesterday we booked our flight. I've never been on a plane before, let alone traveled outside of the country, so it's definitely going to be a new experience.

The trip will be challenging for both of us due to our vegan diet, but especially challenging due to my disability, but I think it will be very much worth it!

The name of the program is Spirited Away: Japanese Visual Culture, so that's where the name of our blog came from.

Japanese language is known in Japan as Nihongo. I know some words and I can read most Katakana and Hirigana, but Kanji is another matter. We've ordered some key chain flashcards to start memorizing important Kanji, and a Nihongo workbook is on the way as well.

頑張ります! "gan-bare-ma-su" or, I will do my best!

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  1. 初めてのポスト
    hajimete no posuto


    would have been ok for your first post.

    Being vegan in japan is difficult given that most dashi does include fish and dashi is in just about everything.