Thursday, May 13, 2010


Byoki- sick. That's how I've felt ever since traveling. Today, I spent most of the day in bed, but later I was taken to a local clinic. On the drive there, I got my first real glimpse of the area (we arrived in the dark- side note: it gets dark here around 7pm and gets light around 5am!). It's beautiful. I was feeling really awful but I was overwhelmed to the point of tearing up.
The clinic seemed very nice. The doctor was kind and he gave me two medicines to take. I took one of them shortly after arriving back at our apartment at JCMU, and I felt better quickly. I'm very grateful!I'm really hoping to recover soon, as this has set me back majorly. I can't go out and explore much, and we haven't even gone to the grocery store yet. I can't get better living on convenience center food, right?Since I felt better, when Jorie came back from class, we went outside for a walk. I'd seen a shrine on our way back from the clinic that I wanted to show to Jorie, but we never did find it. I'm thinking maybe it was in the opposite direction, now. However, we had a wonderful walk and it felt good to get outside. We were both in awe the entire time- the lake, the houses, the plants and birds... everything is amazing and new. The way the houses and the trees are together seems very harmonious. It's difficult to explain, but I'll try.
There's agriculture even in areas with houses and businesses. It makes sense and it's beautiful. The yards were small but contained gardens and trees. The grass is allowed to grow tall and blows gracefully in the wind. We came across a small patch of take (bamboo) forest, amongst many other plants, and it smelled so amazing. We gasped when we heard the wind blowing the bamboo around. We saw buzzards and crows and tiny birds, as well as unfamiliar insects and spiders. Being in Japan is kind of like being a kid again. Can't read sometimes, don't know the name of anything, and always in wonder.


  1. Feel better, Steph!!! I understand your awe - that's how I felt when we went to the southwest several years ago - everything was so different. I'm sure you'll have a better day tomorrow. Love you!

  2. I love long grass. It makes me angry that here in America, you're expected or even forced to trim your grass if you live anywhere near town.

    I really like your comparison of being in Japan to being a kid again. n_n

  3. Wait till you see the giant bees!

  4. David- I think we saw one yesterday. It was a little terrifying.