Friday, May 7, 2010

Safe Returns

We're leaving in about 42 hours! This week has flown by. We've spent a good amount of time studying Nihongo, particularly hiragana and sentence structure, as well as packing and finding last-minute items. My carry-on bag has my IC seat cushion, my mp3 player and headphones, a moleskine sketchbook and small lined notebook, pens, pencils, a bag of medications (by the way, the pyridium? FAIL!), camera, extra batteries, emergency numbers, passport, Japanese phrase book, hand sanitizer, and earplugs. LET'S DO THIS!
...oh, I'm also slipping in this little guy: a safe returns kaeru (frog). My friend Molly sent this to me awhile back. He usually rides in my car, but now he will be going with us to Japan for good luck. Well, here's hoping we can keep blogging once we're there!


  1. You two will have such an enriching experience!

  2. Of all the people I know who could have gone to Japan, I'm glad it was someone with talent in photography.

  3. I can't believe it's only 42 hours, so exciting!